Club Kit

Junior Kit now available!

Just like the senior kit, only smaller! Find order form and size charts below.

All of the new club kit is from Champion Systems & Velo Champion it is really good quality and looks great. There is a huge range to choose from and women specific fits in most items. We also have club water bottles and swim hats as well as old race tees that will be available at bargain bucket prices. We keep a range of items in stock to find out what we have available please send an email to: or message us at our Pembs Tri Chatter Facbook page.

Casual Wear

We have a range of clothing available from St Brides Bay clothing, including hoodies and T-shirts. Order these directly from the St Brides Bay Clothing. You can also choose any item of clothing from their catalogue and have it printed with the same design.


Sports Wear – click individual items to purchase

Tri Suits

An all in one suit available with or without pockets. Very comfortable and the basic one is fine up to middle distance. Select the “Distance” suit if you fancy going further to add the pockets and for a more covered up cut. All of these suits have a front zip although a ladies suit with a rear zip is available (see the full stock list)

Tri Tops and Shorts

2 piece suit with pockets in the top. Great if you plan to have ‘comfort’ stops in your races! There is an option to have a slightly longer short leg length if you prefer.

The range of tri suits has been increased so if you are looking for more than an entry level suit take a look at the full range

CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey

Ideal for summer riding, 3 good size rear pockets.


Ladies fit CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey

CS Tech Fleece Jacket

A medium thick jersey with a full length zip, ideal for cooler days. A thinner long sleeve jersey (same fabric as the short sleeve) is also available, look at the Complete Stock List for a list of all the items available.


Mark (Left) is wearing the Thermo Winter Shield Jacket, Phil (Right) is wearing the CS Tech Fleece Jacket

Thermo Winter Shield Jacket
This is a full wind proof winter jacket designed for the coldest days. Full length zip.

Gilet (Wind guard vest)

This is a handy item that keeps the wind chill and light rain off when your not sure how many layers to wear. Can be shoved in a pocket when you warm up. Full length zip


Gilet worn over the CS Tech Fleece Jacket with Bib Shorts

Fleece Bib Tights
Ideal for winter riding. The standard ones are designed to be worn over shorts and so do not have a chamois pad. Pads can be added – see “optional extras” on the order form.

Cycle Shorts
Standard cycle shorts including a synthetic pad.

Fleece Bib Knickers
A half way house for spring and autumn. Includes a Performance Pad

Bib Shorts

Like the standard shorts but with over shoulder mesh straps. Extra cool summer shorts are also available, look at the Complete Stock List for a list of all the items available.


Ian is wearing Bib Shorts and CS Tech Fleece Jacket

Skin Suits

Save an extra few seconds and pick up a couple of points for the inter clubs competition!

Arm Warmers
Made of lycra these are ideal for the slightly cooler early starts. They make a surprising difference but for extra warmth fleece lined warmers are available, as are leg and knee warmers.


For those that are follicularly challenged, these help keep bugs and the sun off your shiny scalp!


Fleece lined shoe covers are ideal for making your feet extra slippery when time trialing

or for the cold wet winter days brand new printed Neoprene over shoes are now available



Matching tri club summer mitts which have excellent padding and winter gloves for cold days. (The sizing is a bit tight so order slightly larger than you would think)

Running Singlets and shorts

Represent the club at local races with a matching running vest and shorts!


Ladies Running Singlet


To place an order, download and complete the order form and return it including payment to Alex Cooper (details are on the order form). Please read the small print carefully, especially regarding optional extras!

If you have seen another item on the champion system website that you would like to buy then please have a look at the Complete Stock List There are loads of other sporting and casual wear items. If you would like to order anything please send me the details and payment and I will add it to the list.

There is a very detailed page of sizes on the Champion System website
If you have ordered a standard item from the form then if you have chosen the wrong size we may have the right one in stock. I also have a few samples available if you would like to try them first.

Missed the Order?
If you missed the order or would like something extra we will have some of the more popular items in stock. Send me an email if there is anything you would like to