Time Trials Series

The advertised times below are START times, please arrive 15 mins prior to allow for sorting your bike equipment/wetsuit, warming up and more importantly signing in!




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 7.30pm Monday 29th April
7.00pm Thursday 2nd May 
Swim 800m Haverfordwest Leisure Centre

Milford Haven Leisure Centre

7.00pm Wednesday 8th May Bike 20km  Herbranston
 7.00pm Tuesday 14th May Run 5km  Haverfordwest Cricket club
7.00pm Thursday 16th May Swim (open water) 1500m  Goodwick, Ocean Labs
7.00pm Wednesday 22nd May Bike 40km St Davids – Start/Finish
7.00pm Tuesday 28th May Run 10km  St Davids Airfeild
7.00pm Wednesday 3rd July Bike 40km  St Davids – Start/Finish
7.00pm Tuesday 9th July Run 10Km St Davids Airfeild
 7.00pm Monday 15th July Swim (open water) 1500m  Goodwick, Ocean Labs
7.00pm Wednesday 24th July Bike 20km  Herbranston
 7.30pm Tuesday 30th July Run 5km Haverfordwest Cricket club
7.30pm Monday 5th August
7.00pm Thursday 8th August
Swim 800m Haverfordwest Leisure Centre

Milford Haven Leisure Centre

About The Time Trial Series

About the Club Championships

As a club we organise a series of time trials though the season, 12 in all. These form part of a two distance championship, typically set between March and August. They are intended as a supplement to regular training, with the aim of helping measure your progress during the season, and giving you some race practice. The club has organised time trials since 1995, and since 2000 a standard format has been followed –

6 individual time trails across the three disciplines over two standard distances;

Olympic Distance: 1500m Swim, 40Km Bike & 10Km Run

Sprint Distance: 800m Swim, 20Km Bike & 5Km Run

These 6 time trials are then repeated slightly later in the season making a total of 12. Giving competitors a chance to better their time.

Competitors that complete a swim/bike/run sprint or olympic distance set will be awarded an overall time for that distance. But for competitors that complete both distances only the olympic distance will count. This is to give novice competitors chance at a podium place in the sprint distances.

Click on the distances below for more information.

800m Swim
Fairly obvious: 32 lengths of either Meads/Haverfordwest swimming pools! This time trial first began in 1996
1500m Swim
Start on the east side of the inner breakwater on the beach, starting in line with the back of the steps that come down from the breakwater. Swim alongside the breakwater to the end, turn left as tight as you can, and then head straight to the slipway closest to the breakwater (it’s roughly in line with the right hand end of the Sea Life Centre building). Run to the top of the slipway and the finish is where the slope levels out, in line with the end of the brick wall either side. This time trial first began in 1999 and the course has remained unchanged, although if the Fishguard Marina ever gets built the course will have to change.

20Km Bike
Please see Strava segment below for new course layout –


Start & FInish Location –


40.5Km Bike

Start on Wern Road in Goodwick (the road to St. David’s), adjacent to the turn into the Rugby Club. The start line is where the kerb rises to full height, directly opposite lamppost no. 118,200. Cycle west towards St. David’s. Turn point is a short way beyond the village of Carnhedryn, where there is a long lay-by on the right hand side of the road. Turn right into the lay-by at the far end, cycle the length of the lay-by and rejoin the road heading back towards Goodwick. The finish line is directly opposite the start line, at the lamppost (no. 118,200).

This course was first used as a time trial course in 2003, and is in fact approximately 40.5km. It was chosen as at the time it was the same course used for the Pembrokeshire Triathlon so proved a great opportunity to get to know the course, even if it is a bit long.

5Km Run

Start is on the Dale Road some 15m or so from the entrance to the Cricket Club opposite telegraph pole (no. 954). Run to the Bellevue pub, turn sharply left (beware of cars parked in front of the pub) and head out on the Haven Road. Keep to the road (do not use the path) and turn left onto Park Corner Road (the last left turn as you leave Haverfordwest). At the bottom of Park Corner Road turn left again onto the Dale Road, and then turn left into the Cricket Club, bearing immediately left onto the tarmac path. Follow this path around the perimeter of the field, finishing just before the Cricket Club car park at the beginning of the last bench on the left. The start, finish, and KM markers are marked with yellow paint and re- marked every year before the first 5k time trial.

This course was first used as a time trial course in 2003, and is accurately measured and certified by the AAW.

10Km Run
A 2 lap run around St. David’s Airfield.  Meet at the SW corner of the airfield at Fachelich, grid ref. SM781253