Training - Bike

Although Triathlon is an individual sport, training with other people can be great fun and can help you to push a little bit harder! All of our training sessions cater for all abilities and our coaches will deliver structured sessions with plenty of tips to help you improve. Some of our sessions are more informally run but other club members and committee members will be only too pleased to help you.

The longest segment of most triathlons is the bike so a bit of extra training in this department can pay dividends. Cycling on the open road can be a daunting experience for new riders so cycling with more experienced riders can help build confidence and our coaches can help you with lots of tips to improve your cycling. For more experienced riders it is great to train with other people there is nothing like a bit of friendly competition!

Spring/summer sessions

During the spring/summer period the main focus is on the open road.  From April to September, our programme combines time trials and interval sessions that are suitable for all. The following link takes you to the current programme:

Spring/Summer Bike Programme

Remember, these sessions are suitable for all and will be key to you achieving that personal best! It’s worth checking the Club Facebook Page for any updates as sometimes very poor weather may cause a change or cancellation.

Four of these sessions are club time trials, two over 20km and two over 40km, and make up part of the club time trial series (which decides the overall club championship).

Sunday rides

Regular club rides take place on Sunday, and members will be encouraged to join in through messages placed on the Club Facebook Page.  These rides are a good opportunity for new members/novices to get some advice from more experienced cyclists.  The more members that attend the better as there will be groups of different abilities.


Spinning is a great way to keep fit at any time of year, but particularly in winter when the dark evenings make it difficult to get out.  Many leisure centres in Pembrokeshire offer spin sessions so ask at your local centre and give it a try.


Training Fees

The three ‘formal’ sessions (Monday and Thursday swim, Tuesday run, and Wednesday bike sessions over the summer) can be paid for in one of the following ways:

Option 1 – £2.50 (£1.00 consessions) per session (cash)
Option 2 – £10 (£5 juniors) per month (standing order) – covers these 3 sessions

Some members attend public spinning sessions – these are payable separately at the venue – see the Club Facebook Page for details of which session(s) members are attending


The Pembrokeshire Triathlon Club training sessions are open to everyone and the first session is free. To take part in further training sessions and to take advantage of all of the other benefits of being part of the club you will need to become a member. To find out more about becoming a member click the link below.