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    Annual PTC Membership is Mandatory if you wish to participate in any Training Session and you must have booked in via LoveAdmin for attendance at Training Sessions.  This is important for PTC Insurance purposes, Please note, the £15 Annual Membership does not include the cost of attendance at Training Sessions (see below for further information on Training Sessions and fees). 

    Membership runs for 12 months from the date that you join. And can be cancelled at any time.

    Please contact the Secretary if you have any queries about membership


    Welcome to Pembrokeshire Triathlon Club (PTC)!  We hope that you get many hours of fun and personal development from your Membership and attending the Adult Club Training Sessions.

    We thought it may be helpful to give you an overview of the Club, Membership and Training Fees.

    PTC affiliates annually to Welsh Triathlon, the home nation association of the British Triathlon Federation.

    PTC is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers with the following Aims and Objectives:

    The aims of PTC are to:

    • promote triathlon across Pembrokeshire;
    • offer coaching and competitive opportunities in triathlon;
    • encourage participation from everyone;
    • help individuals achieve their goals.


    To further these aims we have the following objectives:

    • To maintain sustainable levels of membership;
    • To provide quality training opportunities that are fair to everyone;
    • To ensure fees are kept as low as possible;

    Our members are our biggest asset and are fundamental to the existence of the club. We firmly believe that for triathlon to flourish, an active triathlon club is vital to encourage participation in the sport. Membership of PTC enables you to train with us, take part in our time trials and club events, and represent the club in races across Wales and beyond. Members also receive a discount on club kit, which includes tri-suits, cycling and running kit (see Club Kit page for more information).